Philly Heavy Sundays at The Fillmore and Union Transfer


  • Co-Produced 3 ‘Philly Heavy’ Eagles Gamewatches with Mosaic
  • Venues: The Fillmore & Union Transfer
  • Years: 2016
  • Avg Attendance : 1.5k
  • Fun Fact: The games may have been televised but each event had a live DJ, live keg painting, live music, and live t-shirt printing


Combine football fandom, the region’s hottest performers and spirited blasts of confetti cannons and Sundays can get pretty heavy in Philadelphia.

ADVENT partnered with Mosaic, a national brand activation specialist, in 2016 to animate the vision of the perfect Sunday football viewing party with Budweiser “Heavy.”

Philly Heavy Sundays transformed two unique Philadelphia venues – The Fillmore -Philly and Union Transfer – into the city’s largest living rooms fit for the most devoted Eagles fans looking to share a game-day experience with hundreds of others who bleed Eagles’ green.

Eagles fans lounged on plush couches to watch the game-day action on a giant screen. Fans danced between plays to music during commercial breaks, confetti rained down for touchdown celebrations, and special halftime concerts kept the party rocking and Budweiser flowing when the game paused.

By the end of the games, hundreds of fans headed home with confetti in their hair and fistfuls of giveaways.

Mosaic – a global marketing firm constructing experiences to connect corporations with consumers – devised the framework of the Heavy Sunday model.

But for the full Philadelphia flavor, Mosaic relied on ADVENT to paint the events green in a way that is in tune to Philadelphians’ passion for the Eagles.

Together, the firms transformed intimate concert halls into comfortable and cool viewing parties that spoke to the city’s edginess and blending of art, music and sports.

The Fillmore housed the first two Philly Heavy Sundays. The 25,000-square-foot live music club on the edge Fishtown, a section of Philadelphia growing in its appreciation for arts and nostalgia, honors the Fillmore franchise’s history of hosting events that break through the norm.

Union Transfer – once a luggage transfer station for the Reading Railroad built in 1889 – is an unlikely setting for the Eagles to fly. But chandeliers, high ceilings and stained glass make the venue all the more interesting. Just 18 months after opening in 2011, it was listed among Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 20 venues in America and rated one of the hottest on the U.S. East Coast by BBC.

The first Philly Heavy Sunday drew more than 500 people to The Fillmore. By the final Philly Heavy Sunday at Union Transfer, the event was the only place to be in the city when the Eagles were out of town. The line to get into Union Transfer stretched down Spring Garden Street with more than 400 people estimated before doors opened. The historic venue was at capacity, drawing more than 1,000 people by the start of the game.

Mosaic trusted in ADVENT’s connections to the region’s most talented and well-connected acts from musicians to artists.

ADVENT called on revered Philly abstract artist and clothing designer Alloyius Mcilwaine of Cultures Clothing to paint a wall of kegs to be on display at each of the three Philly Heavy Sunday events.

ADVENT also brought in one of Philadelphia’s most renowned master turntablists DJ Aktive to energize Philly Heavy Sundays before game time and to keep energy high when game play paused for commercials. The highly regarded DJ is an ADVENT favorite, a professional with a fan following transcending the city’s borders.

DJ Aktive is beloved locally, but achieved global status touring worldwide with A-list acts.  The Philly native has been the official tour DJ for Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Common, Jennifer Hudson and Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Reunion Tour.

DJ Aktive worked to bring the hype, emceeing the game, and pushing the excitement when confetti cannons fired into the crowd every time the Eagles scored.

In addition to continuous musical entertainment at every game-play break, ADVENT orchestrated the confetti shooters by J. Werner Production and a private halftime show featuring Philly-based rockers Vacationer. The four-piece electronic pop band is led by Kenny Vasoli, former lead singer and bassist of pop punk band The Starting Line.

Alloyius Mcilwaine, DJ Aktive and Vacationer are part of ADVENT’s arsenal of high-caliber, performers with built-in followings.

In advance of the first Philly Heavy Sunday at The Fillmore, ADVENT launched campaigns sending more than 25 promoters to college campuses throughout the city. Promoters were on campus at Temple University, Saint Joseph’s University, Drexel University and Villanova.

The ADVENT team promoted the three-Sunday events to students 21 and older, promising free entry, tons of giveaways and unique ways to show their city pride, like live t-shirt printing personalized with their city neighborhood and the Philly Heavy logos.

Budweiser remained the star of the viewing party with Bud Heavy being the only beer on sale at the venues’ bars.