Roxtoberfest – Roxborough Street Festival


  • Conceptualized  & Co-Produced
  • Venue:  Ridge Avenue Roxborough
  • Years:  2013 – 2016
  • Last Year’s Attendance:  10,000
  • Fun Fact:  The event name was made by ADVENT’s Joe DeCandido in the initial meeting with the Roxborough Development Corporation

In 2013 when the Roxborough Development Corporation (RDC) was looking to create a fall festival they turned to ADVENT to outline the blueprint for what has now become their most successful annual event. Leaning on our team’s vast experience of developing large festivals, we were able to rally the support of the Roxborough community to launch a new October tradition.

The following year Roxtoberfest expanded on its initial success, involving 85 local businesses!  Moving the event to the main corridor of Ridge Avenue in Roxborough, we added a kid’s corner with games, inflatable rides and face painting.  ADVENT was in charge of all aspects of the festival including raising capital through finding leads and securing sponsorship dollars.  ADVENT was instrumental in the day to day operations that included booking talent, outlining vendor positioning, managing areas of operation and advertisement strategy. Wearing many hats, ADVENT was able to produce on multiple levels and helped ensure the future success of Roxtoberfest for years to come.

Roxborough Roxtoberfest webpage

Sponsors for the event included:  The Foodery, Citizens BankShopriteNationwide, Lyceum Physical Medicine, Roxborough Memorial Hospital

Featured Musicians included:  Ginger Coyle, Joy Ike, The Racer, Ben Arnold